Providing specific services to many sectors of society, and specializing in only our areas of expertise, we will (per the State of California Code of Regulations, Article 476) protect and safeguard the health, safety, welfare and property of the public. Our varied experience is in areas including, but not limited to: boundary surveys, topographic and planimetric mapping, construction staking for contractors, preparing legal descriptions for attorneys and offering CAD services and/or field personnel to other Land Surveying, Civil Engineering and Construction companies in need of such services.

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We believe we have the wherewithal to meet the needs of every client

with whom we do business.

And that will always be

the very most important aspect of what we do.

Residential and Commercial Professional Land Surveying Services

ALTA/NSPS Surveys  are often a combination of the above described surveys, along with a comprehensive title review that can be very useful in both commercial and residential applications. This type of survey is unique in so many ways, we recommend you call us to discuss your specific needs.

Construction Staking has changed dramatically over the past three decades. From plumb bobs and gammon reels to total stations and GPS, and we have been there to see all of it. So whatever the client needs, we can provide it.

Outsourcing CAD Services and Field Crew Personnel can now be part of the business model for many professionals. We have both the AutoCAD and traditional drafting experience to fill a need, along with field crew personnel who can help offset today’s rising costs of sky-rocketing payroll obligations. Whether it’s a two-man crew, one-man robotic total station, party chief or chainman, we can fill a short-term need for extra labor at a fraction of the cost to retain a full-time employee.

Boundary Surveys  for the purposes discussed herein, are typically surveys that identify property corners and/or property lines of a parcel of land with a durable monument such as a pipe, wood stake, nail or other marker.

Topographic Mapping is the process of collecting field data to produce a graphical representation of natural and/or man-made features along with their relative horizontal and vertical (elevational) positions.

Planimetric Mapping is the process of collecting field data to produce a graphic representation of only the horizontal positions of natural and/or man-made features, but no elevations are shown.